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Folding Wall Screens

Ropimex from Porterhouse Contracts
Ropimex Screens from Porterhouse Contracts
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Porterhouse Contracts are very proud to be the agent for Ropimex products in Ireland. They are a leading global supplier of universal screen systems. Ropimex Folding Wall screens can be used as a screen or partition in a hospital or care facility, this robust and impact-resistant folding wall can be brought into position swiftly and just as quickly returned to its storage position on the wall.The number of leaf sections can be extended later as required. The panel material is opaque yet translucent, and with its high-quality aluminium profile frame, the atmosphere it creates is bright and friendly.The folding wall can be customised with your own individual leaf design or colour, which can even be changed after a few years if you so desire.
• Opaque yet translucent Plexiglas panels which are scratch proof
• Folds up to save space and can be returned to use in seconds
• Screening lengths of up to 3m available
• Range of heights available
• Leaf width: 30cm
• Opaque 360° leaf hinges
• Wall fixed or free standing
• Lightweight and robust
• Easy-to-clean surfaces
• Disinfectant-resistant
• Completely stable and impact resistant, extremely long-lasting
• Flame-resistant.

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