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Dementia Inclusive Design

Our dedicated interior designer, Orla Corrigan, has undertaken the University of Stirling’s Dementia and Design Course and she can provide our clients with a design and layout consultation service. She can offer expert advice on dementia friendly colour schemes, layouts and suitable fabric designs from cushions, curtains and bedding to create a home-like feel for people living with dementia in nursing homes and healthcare facilities. Orla has worked with the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland on a number of dementia day care centres and many nursing home redevelopments nationwide.

Dementia Design from Porterhouse Contracts

Our surroundings and space hugely impacts quality of life.

Dementia-friendly design and thinking is integral to the development and design of all public spaces, buildings and facilities. The physical environment can have a significant impact on people living with dementia and their world can be confusing, disorienting and at worst, disabling and even dangerous.

Porterhouse Contracts has worked in the healthcare sector for years and we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of healing and therapeutic environments, nowhere more so than in the growing area of dementia care.

Good design and implementing dementia-friendly principles in aged care facilities can significantly improve quality of life and provide functionality and independence to its inhabitants and earn the title ‘home’

Dementia Design from Porterhouse Contracts

“The world population is ageing and with that the profile of the 'end user' is changing too. Data from the World Population Prospects report (2017) estimates that the number of people over 60 will more than double by 2050; representing nearly a quarter of the world's population. Most notable is the increase in the oldest old (+80 years), which is expected to triple by 2050.”