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Cubicle Rails and Screens

Porterhouse Contracts are very proud to be the agent for Silent Gliss products in Ireland. They are a leading global supplier of curtain tracks and blinds and offer the very best in terms of quality, design and technology.
Best known for their use in multi-bed hospital wards these systems have numerous other applications including as shower rails, in surgery and other health separation areas and as industrial separation and overhead tracking. Also perfect for use within health centres and spas or as changing rooms and room dividers.

They can be curved or formatted to virtually any requirement. Silent Gliss cubicle rails can be fitted to the wall or ceiling or a combination of both. Stability is designed in, made-to-measure and even offer a hygienic option with BioCote anti microbial coating.

Anti-Ligature / Safety Cubicle Tracks
Anti-ligature cubicle tracks are designed with safety as a priority. This product is commonly used in hospitals or other areas where self-harm could be an issue. It is created to remain firmly in place during normal operation, but if there is an attempt to add a ligature to the track, it will start to detach once a specific weight is reached – the track shouldn’t detach just due to heavy handling.
These anti-ligature cubicle tracks also have a dust-proof cover, and this is going to be important in environments where cross-infection could be a risk. This track is used exclusively with the 6650 Safety Device System, and it is available to buy in white, silver, or black. It can be used many different types of cubicle layout.

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